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Blow the winter season away with a Husqvarna snow blower. Whether you need a compact model or a workhorse made to tackle the toughest challenges, you can count on our lineup.

For a limited time only, purchase a qualifying 100, 200 or 300 series Husqvarna snow blower at any authorized local Husqvarna dealer, and you’ll receive a rebate up to $75.

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Effortless mowing for any lawn

Keeping your lawn healthy can be a lot of hard work. With a robotic lawn mower the lawn mowing is done by itself – without your supervision and around the clock. The Husqvarna Automower® range can manage up to 6,000m2 of lawn in any weather, with rough terrain and slopes up to 45%. When it meets an obstacle it stops and redirects itself. In fact, its unique cutting system will give you reliable results whatever the conditions.

A small lawn needs just as frequent mowing to look as good. Luckily Husqvarna Automower® comes in smaller sizes too, well suited for areas up to 1,800 m2. It will cut every grass blade as accurately and carefully as the bigger models.


A mower with IQ

Thanks to the many high-tech features, Husqvarna Automower® robotic mower is designed for every possible situation. With the help of passage handling and built-in slope handling, it manages tricky terrain and depending on which model you choose GPS assisted navigation will help lead the way.

You can place the charging station practically anywhere. Husqvarna Automower® will detect signals in three ways – from the charging station, the guiding wires or the boundary wire. This way it always reliably finds its way, without leaving unwanted marks in your lawn.


Self-reliant help in your garden

Sit back and relax, you can rely on Husqvarna Automower® to get the job done, even when you’re not around. The weather timer adjusts the mowing to growth speed as well as weather and the spot-cutting function senses if the grass is higher in a given area. With the height adjustment you’re able to choose grass length for your entire lawn – manually or electrically.


Want to take a closer look? Learn more about the product in depth by exploring its design and features.


Robotic lawn mowing is all about reliability. Husqvarna has during 20 years of development refined its mower concept to achieve the highest level of reliability, quality and cutting result, with a minimum of assistance.

Excellent cutting result

Thanks to the free movement pattern of Husqvarna Automower® the lawn is perfectly cut, achieving a beautiful and carpet-like look. The razor-sharp blades cut the grass gently from all directions, helping it to grow strong. Moss growth is effectively prevented.

Low noise

Thanks to its unique cutting system, Automower® works extremely discreet and quiet and just when you want.

Automatic charging

When Automower® needs more power, it finds its own way back to the charging station.

Automower® Products


967 62 34-05

Working area capacity (±20) 1500 m²
Working area capacity (±20) 0.37 acre
Battery type Li-Ion
Typical charging time 60 min

Excellent cutting result
Weather timer
Low noise


966 51 34-27

Working area capacity (±20) 1800 m²
Working area capacity (±20) 0.5 acre
Battery type NiMh
Typical charging time 45 min

Excellent cutting result
Low noise
Unique cutting system


967 62 25-05

Working area capacity (±20) 3200 m²
Working area capacity (±20) 0.8 acre
Battery type Li-Ion
Typical charging time 65 min

Excellent cutting result
GPS-assisted navigation
Weather timer


967 62 26-05

Working area capacity (±20) 5000 m²
Working area capacity (±20) 1.25 acre
Battery type Li-Ion
Typical charging time 75 min

Excellent cutting result
GPS-assisted navigation
Automower® Connect